We know you guys are as tired of this as we are, so we hesitated to post about this here, but we figured you were going to get this news and we’d prefer it come from us.

12 years ago, Sam Llanas left the BoDeans to pursue a solo music career.  To make the separation amicable, Sam signed an agreement with the BoDeans that set forth each party’s respective rights; and Sam was compensated.  Since then, the BoDeans have done our best to take the high road.

Yet, Sam Llanas has continued to violate the terms of this agreement, misuse the BoDeans trademark, and spread lies and misinformation about the BoDeans to turn fans away from us and attempt to derail the BoDeans’ success.

We have tried to stay focused on moving forward with positivity, doing good things, and not looking back.  Unfortunately, Sam’s actions and behaviors to harm the band have continued, and in recent months intensified.  Reluctantly, we now have no choice but to pursue legal action to enforce the agreement between Sam and the BoDeans, and enforce the BoDeans’ rights.

Please understand that staying positive and moving forward with the music and good things is and has been our primary focus. Thank you for continuing to support us-we have a year full of shows booked. Please come out and sing along and we will all focus on the music.