“Sway” is my favorite song on the album “13”. I love having instrumental pieces on a record. It’s kind of like an interlude for people who are listening to the album. It’s a great song to put on late at night when you’re with somebody you love and just want to sway to the music with them. – Kurt Get… Read more →

The Value Of Music

I love listening to great performances from human beings. But I feel like that’s something we’re slowly phasing out of our evolution and I think it’s such a big mistake for people not to pay attention to it. We’ve minimized the value of music in our society today compared to the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. And it might not… Read more →

A Love Of All Kinds Of Music

I have a great love of all kinds of music. I love AC/DC records as much as I love listening to anything else. I love Carole King, or James Taylor, or Springsteen as well. I love jazz from the 50s. I listen to Paul Desmond or Stan Getz from 1958 as much as I listen to anything else. Or Vivaldi… Read more →

Early Connections

I also think that what you do with music or musical instruments before the age of like 18 is really who you become later in life musically. I think your brain is really forming then. And if you’re working on playing a guitar at that time, that really becomes natural to you. If you work on playing the drums, it’s… Read more →

Stripped Down Concerts

I wanted to do something that was musically a little different. I tried to find something that was going to be a middle ground between an acoustic, unplugged tour and our full, six-piece, super-loud rock shows. So we created these stripped down shows where , I play electric guitar and sing, Sam plays lead bass and sings, Stefano plays piano,… Read more →

The Stuff Of Dreams

One time I dreamt that I was sitting on the side of the stage watching Sheryl Crow sing this song. When I woke up, I realized it was actually a song I had been wanting to write, and a theme I had been wanting to write about. So I was able to figure it out, and put it together. That… Read more →