We know you guys are as tired of this as we are, so we hesitated to post about this here, but we figured you were going to get this news and we’d prefer it come from us.

12 years ago, Sam Llanas left the BoDeans to pursue a solo music career.  To make the separation amicable, Sam signed an agreement with the BoDeans that set forth each party’s respective rights; and Sam was compensated.  Since then, the BoDeans have done our best to take the high road.

Yet, Sam Llanas has continued to violate the terms of this agreement, misuse the BoDeans trademark, and spread lies and misinformation about the BoDeans to turn fans away from us and attempt to derail the BoDeans’ success.

We have tried to stay focused on moving forward with positivity, doing good things, and not looking back.  Unfortunately, Sam’s actions and behaviors to harm the band have continued, and in recent months intensified.  Reluctantly, we now have no choice but to pursue legal action to enforce the agreement between Sam and the BoDeans, and enforce the BoDeans’ rights.

Please understand that staying positive and moving forward with the music and good things is and has been our primary focus. Thank you for continuing to support us-we have a year full of shows booked. Please come out and sing along and we will all focus on the music.

Available June 24, 2022

Staring at the World Podcast

Create Amazing Art

Many people in the music business are just about making hits and making money. That’s a different approach to songwriting than thinking, “Let’s create amazing art.” – Kurt

Keep It Simple

All I’ve ever tried to do with my guitar playing and singing is to create something that’s really just me. My own thing. My own sound. Easy to identify.

And the same goes for BoDeans songs. I try to keep it simple. I think that’s one of the elements that makes for a good song. It’s easy for people to sing along with us.

To me, that’s what music is about. That’s why you play: So everybody can sing along together. – Kurt

Something Real And Honest

I think with music it’s about developing something that’s real and honest, something that people can identify with.

And musically or lyrically you try to expose yourself. Your wants and desires. Your wounds.

And your fans or followers identify with those feelings. Because they’ve been there to. And so we know we’re not alone in this human experience. – Kurt

The Transition To Guitar

I started out as a drummer. But after high school I bought a guitar, just to work on learning how to write songs.

I didn’t want to be in a band that played other people’s songs. So I figured I should start trying to write songs, but I never planned on being a guitar player.

But a year or so later, I was playing a gig in my basement for my 18th birthday with some friends. And there I was, standing in front with a guitar in my hands instead of the drums. Not sure how that happened. – Kurt

“Jenny Rae”

For years we’ve been playing the song “Jenny Rae.” We’ve done so many different versions of it musically that it’s probably set some kind of record for that.

It was never a single. Several of the songs we play now weren’t singles. We’re delving into some more obscure stuff.


“Sway” is my favorite song on the album “13”.

I love having instrumental pieces on a record. It’s kind of like an interlude for people who are listening to the album.

It’s a great song to put on late at night when you’re with somebody you love and just want to sway to the music with them. – Kurt

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