Early Connections

I also think that what you do with music or musical instruments before the age of like 18 is really who you become later in life musically. I think your brain is really forming then. And if you’re working on playing a guitar at that time, that really becomes natural to you. If you work on playing the drums, it’s… Read more →

Stripped Down Concerts

I wanted to do something that was musically a little different. I tried to find something that was going to be a middle ground between an acoustic, unplugged tour and our full, six-piece, super-loud rock shows. So we created these stripped down shows where , I play electric guitar and sing, Sam plays lead bass and sings, Stefano plays piano,… Read more →

The Stuff Of Dreams

One time I dreamt that I was sitting on the side of the stage watching Sheryl Crow sing this song. When I woke up, I realized it was actually a song I had been wanting to write, and a theme I had been wanting to write about. So I was able to figure it out, and put it together. That… Read more →